News : 2016 : February

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Offers New Hope For Patients

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Goldberger recently joined UHealth from Northwestern
University Feinberg School of Medicine, where he was
professor of medicine and Director of the Program in Cardiac
Arrhythmias in the Center for Cardiovascular Innovation.

UHealth Cardiology & Cardiac Electrophysiology: National Goals & Novel Approaches

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Sylvester’s World-Class Dysplasia Clinic Aims To Stop Abnormal Cell Growth In High-Risk Patients

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Breast Cancer Specialty Trio Joins Sylvester Plantation

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PRP Therapy: Harnessing Platelet Healing Powers

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Scientists At Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Test New Gene Therapy For Vision Loss

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From left, Alejandro Caicedo, Ph.D., Per-Olof Berggren, Ph.D., Midhat Abdulreda, Ph.D., and Rayner Rodriguez-Diaz, Ph.D.

DRI Study Shows Effects of Long-Term Drugs on Insulin-Producing Cells

An important study led by researchers at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine shows the effects of liraglutide, a popular GLP-1 analog, on the function of human pancreatic islets after long-term daily treatment in humanized mice.

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Stephen D. Nimer, M.D.

Patients Treated at Elite Group of Academic Cancer Centers Have Higher Survival Rates

A recent study by researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), showed that patients treated at cancer centers that are part of an elite group of academic cancer research centers have a 10 percent lower chance of dying in the first year after diagnosis than those treated at community hospitals.

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Andrew V. Schally, Ph.D., M.D.h.c., D.Sc.h.c.

Miller School Researcher’s Peptide May Help Control High Levels of Lipids in Type 1 Diabetes

A peptide developed by Nobel Laureate Andrew V. Schally, Ph.D., M.D.hc (Multi), D.Sc., professor of pathology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, may help control unhealthy levels of lipids in type 1 diabetes.

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Mingjiang Xu, M.D., Ph.D.

New Study Highlights Role of TET Proteins in Blood Cancers

Some proteins drive the cellular overgrowth that leads to cancer, while others act as cancer suppressors. TET1 and TET2 do both. Research led by scientists at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has uncovered the role these proteins play in cancer development, potentially leading to new treatments.

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Youssef Zeidan, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Finds Botox May Reduce ‘Dry Mouth’ Following Radiation Therapy

A researcher at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has found that botulinum toxin (Botox) protects the salivary glands in mice, reducing the impact of “dry mouth” following radiation therapy.

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From left, Mehrdad Nadji, M.D., David Watkins, Ph.D., Sylvia Daunert, Pharm.D., M.S., Ph.D., Glen N. Barber, Ph.D., Sapna Deo, Ph.D., Mario Stevenson, Ph.D., and Ronald Desrosiers, Ph.D.

Miami CTSI Supports Collaborative Research Team to Study Zika Virus

As the Zika virus outbreak develops as a public health emergency, both internationally and for South Florida, David Watkins, Ph.D., professor and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Pathology, and a team of top Miller School researchers are rapidly working to develop better diagnostic tests and to understand the virus’s link to neurological complications such as microcephaly.

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Ralph L. Sacco, M.D., M.S.

Miller School Study Findings Dispute Revised Blood Pressure Guidelines

New research finds that a recent revision in national guidelines for treating high blood pressure in people 60 and older could put this population at greater stroke risk. The increased stroke risk is even more pronounced among Hispanics and blacks, the research showed. Those are the findings of a new study in the American Heart Association’s journal Hypertension, led by Ralph L. Sacco, M.D., M.S.

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Jeffrey Goldberger, M.D., M.B.A.

Up Close with Dr. Jeffrey Goldberger: ‘We Need People to Rally Around Heart Research’

Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine Jeffrey Goldberger, M.D., M.B.A., joined UHealth – the University of Miami Health System in November. He hails from Northwestern University, where he pioneered groundbreaking heart mapping and stroke prevention tools that he’s brought to UHealth to improve the health outcomes of patients with atrial fibrillation (A-fib).

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Nick Carcioppolo, Ph.D.

New Study: Fear and Guilt Messaging Increases HPV Vaccination Intentions

In a recent joint study by Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, the University of Miami School of Communication and Missouri State University, a team of scientists analyzed the impact of using a combination of guilt and fear messaging compared to a traditional fear appeal on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination intentions.

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