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UHealth Laryngologist First in South Florida to Use KTP Laser for Vocal Health

Vocal damage is a growing concern among many professionals. Singers, police officers, coaches, lawyers, teachers, and others who use their voice regularly are experiencing temporary and permanent vocal damage. David Rosow, M.D., a UHealth laryngologist and director of the UHealth Voice Program, was recently named one of Billboard Magazine’s top 15 vocal health doctors for the entertainment industry. He was the first expert in South Florida to use the angiolytic KTP laser for vocal health issues and continues to pioneer its use for a variety of pathologies. On average, vocal folds collide 100 to 200 times per second. But for people who speak publicly and raise their voice regularly, like teachers or lawyers, the amount of damage and strain is increased. Symptoms of vocal strain include hoarseness or raspiness, a sore throat, feeling tired from talking, and feeling that the voice is giving out.

Early diagnosis can prevent permanent hoarseness. Even simple vocal conditions, if left untreated, can result in much more serious long-term consequences such as polyps, nodules, or scarring. When such conditions manifest, Rosow uses the KTP laser to eliminate lesions in the larynx. He is the only specialist in South Florida to use this technology in an office setting, sparing patients general anesthesia and allowing patients to return to normal function more quickly.

The KTP laser is designed to target the hemoglobin in blood. This allows precise targeting of energy into vascular lesions, such as polyps or papillomas, while sparing the normal underlying vocal fold. Rosow uses the KTP laser instead of traditional “cold knife” surgery because it is less invasive. Patients recover more quickly and results are as effective – if not more effective – than traditional surgery. Patients who previously required monthly operating room visits for conditions such as recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis are now able to go years disease-free due to the enhanced ability to control small recurrences.

UHealth is the only health system using this technology in an office setting in South Florida. For more information and to learn how this treatment benefitted a patient, visit

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